Hello Again!

Dear friends,

I just moved to Portland last week and look forward to blogging more about the barrage of new and exiting experiences!  I am living in a place called the Trillium House, which is a house dedicated for lay practitioners of Zen Buddhism in the Zen Community of Oregon.  Although I do not identify as a Zen Buddhist, I practice Zen meditation on a daily basis and find it greatly benefits me on a spiritual, mental, and even physical level.  One of the great things about Zen is that it is fundamentally a practice, and people of all religions or no religion can practice Zen meditation.

Now that I’ve recently graduated with my masters degree I’ll have more time to blog, so stay tuned in the near future for some more substantial posts!  For now, a brief poem will have to suffice:


The waves of mind are always oscillating

Always rejoicing or complaining or musing,

Yet your most intimate Awareness remains

Ever changeless and blissful.

This Awareness is what many call God, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Christ;

Heck, you could even call It Frank!

Whatever you want to call It

Is merely a symbol pointing to the indescribable Reality

That is seeing with your eyes.

If you still your thoughts in meditation

The waves of mind will calm.

Look, then, into the lake

At the Face that reflects

And you will find that you were not

Who you thought you were.

You will find that the Beloved

Is closer than the blood

Flowing in your veins

And is in fact

Your very Self.


May you and all beings be happy and strive to treat everyone with unconditional love!

Thanks for reading,





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