A Bumbling Okie’s Brief Thoughts on the Kingdom of Heaven

Experiencing each moment, just as it is, is the “goal” of meditation. Meditation is not the attainment of a temporary blissful state, but the realization that our very life is the Way, is the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus Jesus once spoke that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Heaven is not a physical place, but a state of mind – a realization – that perceives reality without the obscurations of ignorance. The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind that perceives all beings as emantions of the One Spirit, like hairs growing out of the same head or waves on the same Ocean of Love. It is a state of mind that perceives one’s True Nature as the eternal Christ-Consciousness (or Buddha Nature, to use another religious “dialect”), not merely the body/mind. When Jesus realized this he became Jesus Christ. If Cleedus or Beckie realizes this fully, he can become Cleedus Christ, she can become Beckie Christ, etc.

To have this realization for ourselves is the goal of religion which is actual realization. As the Psalms put it, the law is then “written on our hearts.” We then no longer need the outward codes of religion, because we realize they are merely describing our own True Nature. We do not need a physical temple, because we realize our very body is the temple of the Spirit. We do not need to worship a prophet like Jesus or Buddha, because we see they are merely a “finger pointing to the moon” of our own Divine potential. How unspeakably wonderful it is to know that God can be experienced here on Earth as a human being, and that this very world is itself God’s manifestation! To realize this for one’s self is called the Kingdom of Heaven. May all beings see this for themselves! Have a lovely day… :)

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