Hello, my name is Jeffrey Rothman, and I am an author, musician, and public speaker.  My music and writings are primarily expressions of my personal explorations of spirituality and the path to God.  While my writings are more targeted to a specific interest in religion/spirituality, my music is intended to be universal, and can be enjoyed by people of all religions, or of no religion.

I grew up in Oklahoma, and after I got a Masters in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma, I moved to Portland, Oregon where I currently live and work as a drug and alcohol counselor.  I have been practicing Zen Buddhist meditation daily for the past 8 years, have studied with Zen teachers on a regular basis for years, and regularly attend silent meditation retreats ranging from 6-10 days.  Although I consider Buddhist meditation to be my primary spiritual practice, I do not officially ascribe to any religion, but consider all religions as paths to what I call God-Realization or Enlightenment.

I was born into a Jewish family, went to Catholic schools, attended various protestant Christian churches throughout my life, have lived in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, and have studied traditional Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Taoist, and Buddhist scriptures as a very involved hobby.  Although I have learned much from studying various religions, my own beliefs and world view are the results of my own personal experiences in meditation, prayer, and my dream life. What I have ultimately discovered from my various experiences and study is that the realization of God or Enlightenment is the highest goal of human life.  All religions are merely paths to that goal for people at various stages of spiritual development.  And all my writings are merely humble suggestions to help people experience the Divine within themselves (or as themselves, to put it more accurately.)

One of my central teachings, which arose from the crystallization of personal experiences I write about in my book, is that the path to Enlightenment taught by the Buddha, and religions that emphasize a relationship with a Personal God, can exist in harmony.  Although I intend to explore a wide range of topics in my work, this harmony between Buddhist meditation and more theistic ways of relating to the Divine is perhaps the central thesis of my teachings. This idea is currently most fully expounded upon in my book, Daily Bliss. As always, I like to emphasize that as an author and speaker I merely share about my personal path, and offer humble suggestions to interested people. My aim is not to convert or to convince, but to share my truth as a potential source of inspiration for people seeking to deepen their own spiritual life.