God’s Forgiveness

I always remember that the Lord is all-forgiving. We must face the consequences of our harmful actions in accordance with the natural laws of cause and effect, but our errors in life should never stop us from turning back to God, the greatest source of happiness and the only everlasting love. Like the sun which shines on us regardless of anything we have ever done, so the love of God does not change based on our positive or negative behavior.

Peter once asked Jesus, “Lord, how many times should I forgive my brother?” Jesus then famously answered, “Seventy times. No! Seventy times seven!” He was not actually doing multiplication but pointing out that there is no end to our capacity for forgiveness. If this is the standard for humans, how much more is God a fountainhead of everlasting mercy and grace, a boundlessly Attractive Magnet of Pure Love that will ultimately cause even the greatest evil-doers to someday return to His irresistibly magnetic radiance?

God does not expect us to be perfect, so remember always that God unconditionally loves you and forgives you when you mess up. So when you do fall, never be afraid to turn back to God, who like an ideal Mother or Father will never stop loving us and gently calling us back to our true home with Him. His arms of love are always open, and in His kingdom no one is ever turned away.


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