Merry Christmas from Bodhgaya!

I’ll be spending Christmas in the pilgrimage city of Bodhgaya, the auspicious place of Buddha’s Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree nearly 2500 years ago. Shall I call the One Love that miraculously manifests all things Buddha Nature, Christ-Consciousness, One Mind, etc.? Is following Jesus merely believing his words, or realizing their essence in my own experience through meditation? Jesus saw his own True Nature and became the Christ, but his mission is only fulfilled when we realize the same Truth for ourselves and transcend the need for a temporary teacher like Jesus. Jesus was a “finger pointing to the moon” of our own Christ-Consciousness right now seeing out of our eyes.

It is time for the human race to stop bickering over whose religious vocabulary is correct, and to start seeking for ourselves through meditation the Bliss that is the basis of everything and that is called by many names. Jesus and Buddha experienced awakening and then gave humanity a menu through their precious words. Will we be content with the menu, or will we taste the delicious food of enlightenment for ourselves? The Buddha’s mission is only completed when we realize that we too are a Buddha. And the mission of Jesus is only fulfilled when we realize that we are ALL awakened Christs, one with the Father and eternal!

Must I go to a church to celebrate Christ-mas? This whole universe is the “church” of Christ, and every atom expresses Its Infinite Glory that even the universe itself is mere shadow of! In bowing to the Buddha, I bow to Christ, and in bowing to Christ, I bow to the Buddha. Fools cling to names and forms, but the wise see the Essence.

Merry Christmas from India, my friends!

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