My New Book, Daily Bliss

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Here is a link to the free pdf version:  Daily Bliss (Final Version)

Imagine we are having coffee together, and you ask me to explain my thoughts about God and the spiritual path.  If I totally disregarded your role in the conversation, and went on an excruciating five hour rant, the result would be my new book, Daily Bliss: Practical Ways to Experience God in Everyday Life.  All the things I consider to be essential concerning my views about God are contained in it.

It is important for me to express that my book is not a commentary on “the” path to God, for there are many paths and everyone has a unique perspective.  Rather, it is simply an expression of my current understanding, and what has worked for me in the past based on my own life experiences.  When I first got the idea to write the book, I was initially very hesitant about beginning because, in my opinion, there is already enough spiritual literature.  As the admirable Christian activist Shane Claiborne recently said, “Everything worth saying about God has already been said and now simply needs to be lived.”

Yet I proceeded with my labors for three reasons.  Firstly, I sincerely believe that God (or the Personal God, to be more specific) wanted me to do it.  Secondly, one of the central ideas of my book is something relatively novel: I believe that one can be a serious practitioner of Zen Buddhism and simultaneously maintain a temporary, dualistic relationship with what I call the Personal God.

Yet at the end of the day, the most important point in the book is that the realization of God, who is Bliss Itself and our True Nature, is the goal of life and the source of true happiness.  I hope to encourage others to practice meditation and learn to experience this Bliss in their own life.  If only one person is inspired to deepen their experience of God as a result of reading my book, the effort will have been well worth it.

On Pricing and the Free Version

I am trying to support myself as an author and a musician, so for this reason I am currently charging 10 dollars for the book.  That said, I want the information itself to be available to anyone.  For this reason, I will leave a free PDF version of the book on the internet.   If you read the free pdf version and feel inspired to donate any amount, you can do so in the link above; please do not feel this is expected, however.  A Kindle version will be available in about 9 days.

I am grateful to all the people who helped me complete this book.  And all glory belongs to God, who both inspired this book and gave me the grace to complete it.  To God be glory and praise forever!

With love,


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