I have hundreds of poems and look forward soon to creating a published book of poetry.  When I get time I hope to add more to the website.


All praise is due to God Almighty

The Everlasting Source

The Creator and Sustainer of all things!


All praise and glory belong to God forever!

There is no limit to His grace

His boundless unconditional love


And His pure compassion

For the wandering actors of creation

Who in time will all return to Him.


He is the prize and the path

The wisdom of sages

And the joyful simplicity of little children.


He is the Light of infinite galaxies

And the creative genius who effortlessly fashions

trillions of complex species

To express His unseen nature.


He is the calm of the still waters

And the explosive ferocity of colorful supernovas.

He is the unconditional love radiating in billions of mothers

And the sacred purity of wide-eyed infants.


He is the One who alone perceives all things

And the awesome Power which causes all things to be!


O, Lord, You are the hope of all beings;

Even the wooden surfaces, even the “motion-less” concrete

Cry out for Your incomparable embrace

For the indescribable realization

That all beings are seeking.


Even those consumed by evil,

Even the most wicked of them,

Long inwardly for You

For the everlasting joy that You alone can bestow.


Therefore, oh Lord, since no satisfaction compares to You

And since happiness and peace

Are found in You alone

Lead me to Yourself, and reveal Yourself to me

By Thy limitless mercy and grace,

For the sake of Thy Name!


For You alone have become my heart’s desire

And You alone are the key

To the treasure I’ve been seeking

Since I first drew breath


Since I first entered this mysterious world

You created to finally reveal the Truth

To those who love You


More than life itself.



Why seek God and create karma

When the One exists right here

Spotless and pure, beyond all categories?


In the spotless dreamer

The dream is only Itself.


In the Ocean of Bliss

Even the tumultuous waves of dualism

Are nothing but the deep purity

Of Nonbeing.


In the perfection of non-becoming

I spoon some peanut butter

And appreciate the few dim stars

Made sparse by the glinting city.


I refuse to condemn myself

Or to celebrate my holiness

Because the self which I would pamper or bemoan

Has never once existed.


Is-ness and is-not-ness

Do not even come close

To touching the hem of God’s garment.


And even though It transcends

The limits of infinite universes

It is nothing but yourself.


And even though it is nothing but yourself

To say it is yourself

Is to destroy your marriage vows

By laying with a sickly prostitute.


Only the purehearted will see

The end of all beginnings

Which is endless and intrinsically peaceful.


The shortcut to Heaven

Is nothing but the hell of this life

And the highest heaven

Is to go beyond both hell and heaven


Letting go completely

Destroying an army of brutal demons

And dissolving millions of tantalizing angels

By simply brushing your teeth.


My struggle is to keep the Mystery in mind
While tolerating the backlash of the senses
Which might morally condemn a young man in the elevator
For smelling like old bubble gum.

Love embraces traffic jams
Laughs at snoring
And turns cold rain into a miracle.

That’s not all:
It also knows of atomic warfare
And the impersonality of the green lights
Below the computer screen:
It accepts them because it knows the wind is still the wind.

Love, from an intellectual standpoint, is an evolutionary necessity:
It is letting go while holding on,
adapting our compassionate intention
And childlike wonder
To a malfunctioning lawnmower…

Most importantly
Love is a mystery to itself….
Thoughts pull our attention to the surface
Which may include an itchy lower back

But love knows the universe
Is always s….w…e…l…l…i…n…g.

Beneath the mind’s trivial conversations
And all of our empty personal hopes
Something inside us is still awed by the stars

By the miracle of Being
And by those massive hunched lizards
Who long ago turned back into soil

Who walked the Earth with dignity and pride
Before man gave it a name.


Faith arises and puts shame to death

With the sword

Of naked curiosity


Causing you to, like a hyper alert ferret,

Gaze at the Watcher of existence

Without thought, beyond knowledge,

Beyond even wisdom


Awed by the One that all express

But so few know themselves to be.


All liberated teachers are merely the dot

On a massive question mark

That perpetually celebrates itself

In the exactitude of any given moment.


All teachings are fabrications

Laughed at by the Awakened Child

And tossed aside like useless pocket lint.


Evening passes once again

And you feel the city pulsating in No Place

You spoon yogurt like a crazed mime

You take a hot shower

You let go

Even of God.


In the exploding mystery of No Time,

No Eye sees electric light reflecting off the metal shower head

No Ear hears half-hearted hums of outdated 90s pop music

No Face wears the mask of the universe


No Dream bow to Itself in outrageous awe

No Self surrenders Light for Nameless Darkness

No Mind is merely


Shameless enjoyment.