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daily bliss

For people who cannot afford this, or for people who want to check it out before purchasing it, here is a link to a free pdf file:  Daily Bliss (Final Version)

  • philosophical Ron

    Dear Jeffrey,

    This is Ron, who talked to you at the big store one day a while ago, finally getting back to comment on your very nice book.

    I did very much appreciate your attempts to intellectualize and present spiritual ideas that are ultimately not intellectual at all. You have a nice smooth writing style, and I found your attempts to trace a path among the jumble of spiritual concepts that we humans may have, to be clear and refreshing. (But then, I’m a long-winded intellectual trying to use a normal vocabulary myself!)

    I liked your book much more than I liked the attempt of an old friend of to elucidate his spiritual lessons, he did stumble into dogmatism at times where you completely avoid it, gracefully and I hope usefully for your readers. I really do believe we are both trying to move toward the same deep truths, though I’m coming at them from a scientific perspective and you from a spiritual perspective. As an example, I really liked your attempt at clarifying the potentially quite confusing views on reincarnation/rebirth that people may be carrying around, your sentence on page 53 is wonderful: “From this perspective, there is no need to escape the cycle of reincarnation, since this very cycle is the manifestation of God; rather we are aiming to realize the Reality that is unaffected by change. ” Very good writing skills !!

    The one hard thing that I have to say applies to me as well as to you. You have written a serious, sensitive, highly-aware book on practicing spirituality. Books like this do get published and sold … by people who are either leaders with a following in the tens of thousands, or by distinguished professors of religion at the end of their careers. You and I are both in the same boat: to be successful with our books, we have to go out and find and create and nurture that type of following, that type of reputation, before our writings will be taken seriously. The writing is a big first step, and you have done it very well, yet it’s the “show leather” that follows that is necessary to bring greater success.

    So best wishes to you, and looking forward to seeing you around town sometime soon again.

    • Jeffreydrothman

      Thanks, Ron, for your thoughtful comment. I am very glad you enjoyed the book and, especially, that you felt I avoided dogmatism. I tried to make it very clear that this book was merely an expression my own experiences and subjective recommendations, and not an ultimate truth to be accepted on faith. It was very important to me to make readers feel they were perusing through a non-dogmatic text. I’m happy my efforts to do so were affirmed by you!

      I agree that its difficult to promote oneself as a writer without some sort of other already established platform. But, in my way of thinking, God has the last word, and with God all things are possible. Who knows what He will do…

      I am looking forward to reading more on your site. Thanks again,