Thoughts for Christmas on my Song, The Bridegroom

Nearly four years ago, I wrote this song called The Bridegroom (link above).  In it, I attempt to express the indescribable joy I find in God’s unconditional love, which ultimately is one with me and with everything.  In the Bible, the metaphor of the “Bride of Christ” is used to express our inexpressibly intimate, and ultimately inseparable Union with Spirit. Our ego or personal self is the “Bride,” or individualized expression, of the One Spirit or Bridegroom, and true everlasting happiness is found when Union with the Cosmic Bridegroom is experienced in the ecstasy of spiritual realization.

The Perfect Love that is found in God (or our own Higher Self) is incomparable and infinitely greater than any temporary happiness a person, thing, or human destiny can give you. This blissful relationship of devotion and intimacy finally culminates in Union: Love, Lover, and Beloved finally realized as inseparably one! Through his own spiritual effort, Jesus realized this Union with God and became the Christ. If we realize it through effort in meditation and the grace of God, we too become Christs along with him.

This Divine Love is not the God of any religion, but the Source of everything that religions merely describe symbolically.  My use of a Christian metaphor does not imply that this Eternal Truth is only expressed through Christianity. Krishna’s romantic relationship with Radha (symbolic of the ideal devotee), is, to me, an almost identical expression of this archetype of the Divine Romance which is obviously not limited to Christianity alone.  Whatever tradition I teach from, it should always be implied that the words or images I use are only a shadow of the Essence that can only be directly experienced by oneself.  A scriptural metaphor is only the coconut shell that must eventually be broken through so the milk of actual spiritual perception can be exuberantly drunk in the depths of meditation.

This Divine Love is a free gift, has no name, is ours by birthright, and in truth is our very own True Nature! May all beings on this day of Christ-mas feel the unconditional love of the Christ-Consciousness ever-present within them, get rid of any karmic hindrance obscuring this knowledge, and realize that they are one with Love Itself. As Jesus realized his oneness with the Divine, so may we realize that we are never separate from the Source of Joy who is Joy Itself: Bridegroom and Bride forever enwrapped in an indescribable embrace, Formlessness and Form intertwined in a Union whose realization is the goal of life itself.

May the Bridegroom, or Nameless Infinite Cosmic Love, reveal Itself within you on this global celebration of Christmas! May the veil be removed from your heart so that you perceive the omnipresent Christ Consciousness manifesting Itself as all things. May the realization of Jesus become your realization, and may all beings experience the Divine Joy hidden within themselves that Jesus’ life, and the lives of all awakened masters, testify to through their exemplary words and deeds.

Thanks for reading!


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